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fully functioning hood scoop, intake tray

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a simple piece of aircraft scrap metal is the base for tray 2.0, the advantage of being an aircraft mechanic is i have ALOT of scraps like this cessna 172 skin.




little rough cause a few of the holes i drilled off....my garage is not very well equipped. using green flower foam cause its easy to cut and sand.




first layer of 5 oz fiberglass is used for sandwiching the aluminum, i used 5 layers of 2 oz glass for sharp corners on the tray.




some weight in areas that wouldn't lay flat




prepping bottom layer. 5oz glass doesn't like sharp turns. had a few areas that didn't want to cooperate.




lets play the stacking game!! making the corners stay down and stick. a few didnt and i still have to redo them. just a few more layers of glass and it'll be ready for sanding and then paint.





i chose to use small pieces of fiberglass and jb weld aluminum fasteners to the hood. if i ever do this on another car i'll either drill thrugh the hood and anchor it directly do the hood(would be hidden by the scoop) or anchor bolts to the underside of the hood. i will NOT be using aluminum fasterners in this manor again. i broke a aluminum bolt off in one of these damn things....still havent decided how im gonna fix that. diamonds may be hard but jb weld is FOREVER. alittle note for others who are interested in this method. jbweld doesn't stick to electrical tape so you can use it to apply pressure for bonding.




test fitting before i finish fiber glassing.



once i put my rubber seal back in place and bond a rubber and foam seal to the tray itll be very difficult for air to go any where but where i want it. need to add some drain holes for water as well.




..... now for alittle TEASER!!! need to get them painted before i install them....













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more to come later. back to work!!!!!


some notes first


version 1.0 is sitting on my desk incomplete...found it barely hit the engine.





and before any one asks version 3.0 will be made of heat resistant plastic. need to visit plastics of tulsa to find what i need. have a vacuum form machine i've never used and im itching to try it

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the crunchy building blocks of a mold, using these to make the tub that will go to the air box. i was gonna go straight into the engine but i dont want to deal with the issues of fluctuating airflow and a maf, least not yet.



i was planning on sealing the tube against the fireblanket but with the addition of the hood louvers that wont be possible and i really didnt like this set up so i threw the first 2 blocks out and grabbed some more!



my simple and easy way to make molds for a tube. big drill bit, aluminum and a shop vac in hand.





all my blocks done!



once my tube is built and painted ill cut this spot out of my air box and seal it with rubber just like stock.



thats all for tonight. more to come tommarow if i have enough fiberglass

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very little work done today. utterly exhausted from work. hopefully i'll have some time to do alittle work tommarow. should have the tube finished before this weekend and with any luck i'll have it all mounted and test fitted as a single unit before this weekend. gonna have to make a trip to Fastenal and pick up some chromed studs to put in the anchors. not gonna deal with aluminum screws any more, with one already broken off in an anchor(that i still have to drill out) im gonna put them in and be done with them. aluminum is just too weak for my tastes on this job

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theyr back!!!!!!! after applying some electrical tape to the bottom to keep from scratching the hood when i move them around i placed the vents and found the spot i liked best then marked it off with masking tape and used some more to hold it down for drilling. IMG_2902.jpg


holes drilled use masking tape to mark the cutting lines. time to break out the cut off wheel....or so i thought




well couldn't find a wheel so had to use my dremel. dremel got WAAAAAY hot cuting all that metal. heavy duty cut off wheels wont cut it for this need reinforced cut off wheels. they work ok




AAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!! need to clean up the cuts alittle bit. as with every thing radius corners! ALWAYS! makes deburing alot easier.




this wont do...needs to flow ALOT more air, time to swiss cheese it




almost...still a few more holes to punch. holes saws are your friends. used a 1 3/4 and a 1 inch hole saw. once i was done here i removed the hood adhesive with a razor blade and prepped for paint.


fully cheesed and primered......before any one says anything ic ouldnt find any olive primer.... really makes me sad none of the auto stores near my house carry it.


other side


at this point i pulled all the masking tape and printer paper...yeah i dont get the news paper...and then skipped some photos so i do apologize but to sum it up i used the pop rivets that came with the louvers. so here it is




BOOM! IMG_2910.jpg




heres the underside




close up!




sorry if this was alittle hard to follow. more this coming week. its late time to pass out!

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quick update. i have all the fiberglass cut and set aside to make the tube. going to use 5 layers of 2 oz class, 2 layers of 5 oz glass plus some spot reinforcements of 2 and 5 oz glass. should be plenty strong. i love fiberglass weave. makes life easy.


any ways will be Wednesday before i can start glassing. have a paper i have to write before i can Finnish it up. will give an update when i make more progress

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hahah no clue. i may make a few kits when I'm done haven't decided. I'm not really interested in making money off this. this just a uncontrolled passion hehe. if any ones interested in the louvers theyr from a company called runcool, size large, very well made. i would suggest powered coating them. i had mine painted and the paint cracked in a few places around rivets. decently easy to fix but still very annoying.


any who. ive got 4 layers on the inlet tube so far. had to stop cause i was running low on resin. have a minimum of 6 more layers and spot reinforcing to do before i can remove the mold and start final fitting.would have had it done already but the humidity in Tulsa has been COMPLETELY ridiculous, bad for glassing. hope to have it done before Tuesday so i can take it to the local fuddruckers car show that day. i'll post pictures by the end of the week of progress. been a great little project sad this part of its coming to a close. up next will be making a plastic version that's easier to make and WAAAAAY less time consuming



on a side note i have considered making custom fit louvers out of heavy plastic. could shape them however i wanted to. i have a spare sgt hood.....there may be some experiments in the future. i can say the current louvers DUMP heat from the hood. can see it rolling out of the vents at stop lights and when i park her it takes less then an hour for her to go completely cold. also have a few more ideas, interesting things to come.

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im making slow but steady progress. been overwhelming busy wih school, getting sick oh and i got engaged!!! better hide the car parts fund!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

any ways without further ado i present....an update!!!! still some glassing to do. need to do some more spot reinforcing and i need to cut and join the two pieces into one. once thats done i can sand and primer. getting close


before any one asks what the blue is...thats tape... im out of mold release so i used wax paper to cover most of the mold. not that it matters since im gonna melt the mold out when im done. its kinda ugly but i'll correct that soon.











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