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I am looking for some cloe up pictures of the super snake hood 2010-2013 model and how the hood vents attach to the bottom of the hood. My hood is with the painter, and he was wondering how to mount it and what it looks like when mounted. Jer shared the how, but pictures would really help.



Thanks in advance,



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From my understanding everybody is fixing this problem by adding body filler to the underside of the hood before painting to get a flat surface for the double sided tape to adhere to that holds the vents in place. Otherwise the vents will fall off sometime after the installation, if you try to apply them to the rounded surface. I've actually seen a true SS running around with a missing vent due to this issue in the past. The fitment of the vents and hood leave a lot to be desired with this hood for its price in my opinion. I was going to go with a TruCarbon A53KR hood because of all of the fitment issues of the Super Snake hood, but they don't have the room for the bigger blowers. So I'm waiting on a SS hood and vents to be delivered as soon as Shelby can supply the parts, they were ordered a few weeks ago. Hopefully your painter/body shop doesn't have the hood painted yet and can correct the problem.

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I just purchased my hood from SAI last week, I have not tired to fit the hood yet, I have let the hood sit in the sun all week to do some cure time, in those few days some bubbles stared to appear, I pushed down on them, and they all popped, huge holes under the primer. Not too happy with this, you would think for a 1800 hood they could make a nice product. If the hood requires a lot of fitment repairs I may send the hood back, I am not looking to spend another 1000 in hood repairs just to have it fit right.

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