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I have replaced everything on the rear of my 07 GT500 but it still spins very bad in 1st, 2nd and 3rd. I am putting about 550hp the tires. I have tried drag radials and they help but not as much as I would like. My question is what do I need to change before I add slicks? I know there are weak points I am just not sure what they are. Any help is greatly apprecieated!

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Could you list your rear suspension mods. I quelled my hop and most of the spinning. I used the BMR lower control arms with the adjustable bracket set on the lowest position along with an adjustable panhard bar and brace. That and the 315/40/18, Nitto NT05 Drag Radials did the trick for me.

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I burned up a set of M&H 325 50R15s last year in about 60 passes at the strip, and made runs with pressures as low as 14 lbs.

At low pressures the car sure bounces a lot at the top end when you get off of the gas.

I've got gopro videos of launching over 3500 rpm with tire spin all the way through 1st gear.

The best 60 foot time I was able to get was a 1.67, and that was with a fairly soft 2500 rpm launch.

I really had to drive it off the line, couldn't just dump the clutch and stomp the gas.

My car has upper and lower control arms, hd uca bracket, swaybar relocation bracket, bumpstop relocation, adj panhard bar, stock springs and stock 3.31 gears.

I haven't tried the lca relocation bracket yet, but it might be worth a try then.

Thought I had read something about not being able to run the swaybar relocation bracket and the lca relocation brackets at the same time.

Also running into the 11.5 barrier, which makes continous tweaking next to impossible.

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I have lowering springs, lower control arms, lower control arm mounts, adjustable pan hard bar, adjustable upper control arm, upper control arm mount. I can leave the line at 2200 rpms but I can't give it all the gas anywhere in 1st because it blows the tires off. It also spins bad in second when it hits about 4500 rpms.

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Sounds like when I try to run street tires at the track, I short shift 1st gear and feather the gas pedal in the first 2 gears.

What kind of drag radials did you try, and where they fairly old?

Before I even tried drag radials, I did all the rear suspension stuff listed and installed a 1 piece aluminum drive shaft.

I have the 2010 style tsb replaced clutch and it seems to be holding up so far.

If you are thinking of running slicks, then a driveshaft and clutch upgrade should definitely be a consideration.

Also, as a minimum, at least change out the axles in your rear end to some stronger aftermarket ones.

If you have enough power and it hooks, eventually something will give.

You will probably be looking at around $2500 for those 3 items in parts alone.

If you do get below 11.5, they will be after you for a 5 or 6 pt roll cage, 5 pt safety harness, axles, long studs/open lugnuts etc.

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