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Quicker throttle

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'07 sgt 5spd 34k miles all stock.BLK. #5466 wisconsin


I want to inprove the tune.


a-dyno + HP tuner = $500.00 is Hp any good (shop choice)

b-Brenspeed tuner no dyno-$379.00+s/h

c-dealer re-down load SAI tune (can this be done)? $????.??

d- disconnect battery & reconnect for system to relearn??? $000.00





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I have used the FRPP tune, a 91 octane tune from an unnamed vendor and a VMP tune. I prefer the VMP tuning over the other two. Now this was for a GT500 but I know they have one for you depending on mods and octane available.

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Well, if "D" does anything, why not try that.


A lot of guys have done "B" in the past, and based on what they report they were very happy with the results.


I guess the other question is do you mind paying the 93 octane price all the time if that becomes necessary. I have not done it for this reason.

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