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Back to that concealed carry topic......

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In KY we can carry a weapon in "any manufactured compartment" of our vehicles (concealed carry permit or not). In my F-150 I usually take my gun and holster and drop them down in the side pocket of the door--accessible and still out of sight. Unfortunately, the door pocket of the Mustang won't hold the gun and the console is not suited for a quick draw. I don't like having to reach across the car to the glove box to retrieve it either. While my holster is the remora type--very sticky on the outside--I don't think shoving it between the seat and console is a good idea. I don't want it to wind up in the floorboard with the pedals if I have to stop quickly or (heaven forbid) have an accident.


So, my question is, if you carry in your Mustang, where do you carry? I've seen some neat rigs for holsters clipped inside the console, but it's an awkward draw. Not sure I want to mount a holster under the steering column either--I bang my knee on it too much as it is........any ideas?

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I assume your not interested in just carrying on your person? It does make for a dilemma in such a small car. I just don't carry in the Mustang because I am too big and I couldn't get to my waist belt or shoulder holster with the cars seat belt in place so I just don't bother anymore.

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Get a Kel-TEC P3AT or a Ruger LCP. Get the optional belt clip. It is small enough that it doesn't get in the way. I have carried like this every day for over 10 years with my kel-TEC

Plus one on the LCP. I have both the belt clip and the pocket holster. Pocket holster works great for the lower pockets on cargo shorts/pants. Belt clip for jeans and the like.

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