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Joining the Team!


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Hello, everyone! I'm a new member of the forum (and will be an official Team Shelby member soon). I'm still learning about these cars so I probably won't be popping up in very many technical threads, but I will be lurking around to learn some things and I wanted to introduce myself.


My name is Ciara, and Jesse's (JT93) girlfriend/co-pilot/pit crew/car washer/detailer. I don't drive - hence the handle "AlongForTheRide" - but I'm enjoying figuring out how things work, and I love a good car show.


I was at the Dearborn Team Shelby event last weekend, so I'm sure I ran into some of you (if I did, tell me what you drove - that's how I learned to remember people!). I expect that I'll meet some of you at Mustang Alley on Saturday, so please don't hesitate to say hello.


I hope I'll be welcome around these parts - though, as I mentioned, I don't know how active of a poster I will be given my limited knowledge. Regardless, I'm pretty excited to be a part of Team Shelby, and I look forward to learning from and chatting with you all!

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Thanks, everyone! Robert, Dearborn was a blast (and my first Team Shelby event!). I won't be at Gingerman because, while I love these cars and supporting this lifestyle, I think it would be more fun for Jess to have a couple of days of girlfriend-free track time. I'm a worry-er, and I'm sure that can be annoying, so I'm careful about which events I attend and which ones he flies solo to. Haha!


David, hopefully soon! I have some driving anxiety issues to get over, but seeing how much these cars can do and handle, and how safe they are (thanks largely to my experience at the Dearborn event and going to Waterford Hills) is definitely helping a lot! Sooner, rather than later, I expect. For now, I'm content with learning about them and getting them ready for car shows. :)

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