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Shock & Strut upgrade advice


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I'm getting ready to start the next phase of my suspension upgrades - shocks and struts.


Debated for awhile about going with a fully adjustable kits (Tonkio DSP-12) or a just a higher quality kit (Koni SRT). Using my Shelby 99% of the times as a DD & 1% HPDE, I'm not sure the fully adjustables are worth it from a price/value perspective (I'm a sale engineer, so these kind of debates keep me up at night :shrug: )...Opinions welcome.


My question - I feel pretty conformable doing the rear stocks install myself. Might seek help for the fronts. Is it OK to space out the rears from the fronts for a few weeks or months? Any potential problems? I cant think on a major issue, but was looking for some feedback.


THX, Barry

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If I had it to do over again, I would probably gone with a fully adjustable set. I am doing the track a little more often though.

That being said, I am ver happy with my Koni Sports (yellows). I love a mod that makes your car feel like a new and improved animal and good shocks and struts will do that! The sports are a notch above the Koni SRT.

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