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back from dearborn


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Hey everyone...its Ben

I just wanted to say what a great time it was meeting up with everyone and how much fun it was. Everyone involved did an amazing job! Gave me greater respect for FORD and all their products.

Hope there will be another next year so I can be smart enough to bring my car...driving an F150 on the proving grounds, just doesnt cut the mustard.


Anyone else that went, please chime in with pics


Tom and john carlo, pm me so we can meet up!





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Here here, what nice weather it was just perfect. I also had a great time meeting u all! will not hesitate to go again. I learned a lot from u all thanks again. Also what a value for the price of a ticket. Might have been nice to have a extra day for track day somewhere ( big parking lot ) to have a cook out or barbecue get together for a test&tune tune as u-will for tips and advice from the pro's at Shelby ! Who knows maybe they will sell some merchandise ha ! I can't say enough what agreat time it really was to meet you all and to put a face with your names if I was better remembering names ha!! Tony Sweet

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We also had a great time at this event! It was my first time to a Team Shelby event - and certainly will not be my last. Thank you to Sharon & Robert for a very well organized event; still having a hard time deciding what part was my favorite.


Ready for Team Shelby does Dearborn 2015?




(Grabber Blue Rental Mustang GT)

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