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2015 Ford Mustang Spy Video

Amigo GT500

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Enjoy this new video of a prototype for the 2015 Ford Mustang, the sixth generation of the iconic muscle car. The updates to the new Mustang, an S550 to all the fans, will be some of the most significant in the nameplate’s history. And perhaps of most significance is the fact that the car will be sold globally, enabling muscle fans from all over to sample a car that’s brought generations of gearheads much joy.

The latest spy video, courtesy of the guys at Mustang 6G, shows that the 2015 Mustang is likely to be similar in size to the current caricon1.png but with a lower profile and what appears to be a slightly wider track. A fifth-generation Mustang in blue is seen driving alongside the prototype in a previous video (featured below), offering a good comparison.

As this will be the first truly global Mustangicon1.png, expect the strong retro cues to be toned down. As has been reported in the past, the car's styling should maintain distinct Mustang cues but with some influences from Ford's Evos concept from 2011.

Under its sheet metal will be a brand new platform with an independent suspension setup in the rear instead of the Mustang’s traditional live axle. A lighter curb weight and more powerful engines should guarantee better performance than the current ‘Stang.

As for the 2015 Mustang’s model lineup, we expect the Mustang GT to remain, still with a 5.0-liter V-8 under the hood, while the base Mustang with a V-6 should also carry over. A new turbocharged 2.3-liter four-cylinder model is also expected, possibly to fill the gap between the base Mustang and Mustang GT and provide an option for buyers in markets (read Europe) where fuel prices are significantly higher than here in the U.S.

A range-topping SVT model to succeed the Shelby GT500 is a given, but it may no longer carry the Shelby name or even be supercharged. Reports claim Ford will dig into its long list of storied nameplates for the new top dog, with Cobra looking most likely at the moment. We’ve also heard that a Shelby GT350 and Mach 1 may eventually join the lineup, too.

As the 2015 Mustang is expected to be revealed prior to the nameplate’s 50th anniversary on April 17, 2014, it looks like the wait for the car is now less than a year. First sales should start next summer. Note, it's been reported that an initial run of 1,000 examples will be sold as 2014.5 models, to honor the original Mustang which was introduced as a 1964.5 model.



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I believe the magazines have already reported that Ford will not be using the Shelby name but may be using a GT350 moniker. The videos at least confirmed that good old American muscle is still under the hood. I didn't hear any twin turbos or supercharger whine.

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When the 2007 was testing in the Nevada desert my wife and I spotted 3 of them without camo with 4 following SUV's. But the Nevada desert is a wasteland so I doubt if we will see any spy shots of their heat stress testing this time.

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