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How can I confirm "in writing" that a Shelby Gt-H is real


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If it is a real GT-H the owner should have included the original Hertz paperwork that accompanied the car. Steve can confirm the VIN, but that paperwork is also important to the heritage of the car beyond you. If you didn't get it you need to go back to the owner and get it.

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Just ask the seller to get an independent appraisal of the vehicle done prior to sale to establish it's value. You can also use it to get stated value auto insurance as well so you are not insured as a Mustang GT if the worst happens. An appraisal typically runs $300-$350. The more documentation you have the better the appraisal will be. If the seller has all of docs from Hertz, they are very helpful since it includes the Shelby Invoice as well as the original sticker for the car when Hertz purchased it. It is possible the previous owner never requested this information from Hertz and it can still be requested by the owner of the car. I received all of the Hertz info on mine when I contacted Hertz since the first post rental owner did not do so. The stickers for these cars are not available through Ford Show Parts like on the GT500's. You can get a build sheet from Ford Gear, but it will only detail the car as sold to Hertz before becoming a GT-H.

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