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My 12 Month SA Warranty Expires Soon


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I've had only 2 minor problems.


The first was that the Watts Link would hit the vent hose on the differential and disconnect said hose under certain hard bumps in the road, The fix was to screw the vent housing a few millimeters more into the Ford Racing Differential cover. This problem has not resurfaced in the last 4K miles.


The second problem is recent. The Autometer oil pressure sensor gave up and leaks oil. I get that sensor replaced tomorrow.


That's all the problems I have had in the 12 months since I took delivery. Pretty minor stuff really, when I consider all the mods done to my Mustang at SA.

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Got the sensor unit replaced today.


Half an hour to replace and half an hour to clean and degrease where all the oil sprayed.


It was a minor problem but messy.

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The pressure sensor I was able to do myself. It was a tight fight with a short stick to do it. I don't have a lift.


For the oddball Watts Link knocking the vent hose off, I called Shelby first and talked with them, then they talked with the mechanic. They approved it, then I sent SAI the bill and got reimbursed.


I ue the local dealer, Spradley Barr in Fort Collins.

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