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Small Gauges

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Have you thought about offering the smaller 2 1/6" size gauges with the Shelby Signature like you offer for the larger 2 5/8" gauges? I am interested in these temp gauges for oil and water:



My plan is a pillar mount on my KR that has oil temp, coolant temp and intercooler temp (if you have an adapter for the latter, that would make a good package deal).


Don't think we need the whole line up of options. But the basics would be good (Oil and water temp; fuel and oil pressure, boost). I would prefer electrical.


The current carbon fiber gauges are super (and I have those in my center stack), but we have the need for the small size for the pillar mounts and other locations. We can buy the non-signed items today from various vendors. But would like to keep our cars full-up Shelby.


Thanks for the consideration.

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We reviewed this when I first started here, and decided to stay consistent between our Production and Parts departments.

So, the smaller size is "unsigned", and the larger ones retain the signature.

The signed gauges are a more difficult product to manage, with longer lead times, etc... it's hard enough to keep the inventory flow consistent for building gauge pods, never mind if it were to delay the completion of a car!




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