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Wheel widths for SGT...

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I'm thinking about another set of 18" wheels (possibly staggered), but since the GT in 1.5" lower than stock, wondering if a 9 or 10" width would work or am I stuck with 8.5" widths. I'm planning on retaining the stock 235 tires since they only have about 9,500mi on them.




3 tons

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Frank is correct.....your 235s would be too narrow for a significantly wider wheel. You could possibly even have sealing issues if you went to a much wider wheel, and even if you didn't, they would have a very visible "pinched in" look as the sidewalls would be forced out wider than the tread. I've got 9" on the front and 10" on the rear with 275s and the rears looked a bit pinched in. I really should have put 285s on the back but the added cost was a deterrent.

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How do you like the Extreme Contact DWs?






I loved them, got almost 50k miles out of them, had a hard time getting them to break free. I have since gone to the DWS, as my car is a DD and we get some crappy weather here in MD. About to hit 100k on the shelby

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