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Stallion Suspension Adjustable Front Endlink install


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Got a chance to install Stallion Suspension adjustable front swaybar endlinks on my car last weekend. I decided to keep the stock sway bar since it was a similar size (34mm) to most aftermarket options (35mm).

First impression…the new links were much more sturdy and solid than the stockers. Adjustment is very smooth, especially if you apply some anti-seize to the threads prior to install.

A couple of tips:
You can use a small, 8mm wrench on the front of the stock bolt to keep it from twisting while turning the 18mm nut, but I found it much easier to use another 18mm wrench behind the link to twist them apart. I used a deep socket wrench for the nut.
(Also needed a breaker bar to start the process). FYI – Using a wrench behind the stock link will likely rip the rubber boot.

I adjusted the bar to its shortest length for the install, then moved it to the stock length (compared side by side) by twisting the new link. Then I lowered the car on ramps and locked in the final setting.

Measuring the new link length with the wheel on is a PITA without a lift. You can barely see anything when checking the final setting, so get the adjustment as close as possible before doing the final check and adjustment.

I loosened the sway bar bushing to get more ‘play’ while installing the new link and I made a big mistake. I didn’t tighten\torque them down enough, so I ended up having to troubleshoot a 'drifting' issue the next day. I also verified and adjusted the link length to be even on both sides. These steps fixed my 'drifting' issue. I have a separate post on the problems I ran into and got some great advice from other TS members. THX!

I’m real happy with the upgrade. For under $100 and a few hours, I feel like the front is a little more predictable hitting corners. The true test will be on the track in November. BTW, there is a great YouTube video that shows how to do the install.

Side by side

Stock link

Removing stock link with 18mm deep socket and 18mm wrench

Finished install






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