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Info on car show in West, TX ?

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I'm in the DFW area.


Copier from the Texas Corvette Ass. San Antonio


This is from Sam Blount of Isaac Slaughter Chevrolet in West, TX

I would like to invite your car club to the City of West Carshow on August 3rd; the entry fee is just a donation of whatever you give. The City of West itself is in need of funds and what a way to help them out by having a Carshow. We have space for a lot of vehicles & bikes and the Mayor Pro-Tem is going to try and have the Media present since they covered the explosion, so come and be part of what maybe the Largest gathering of Show Cars & Bikes to help out a City, The City of West.
Drive maybe far but we think it will be worth it and if your whole club can’t attend, then maybe you can send a few to represent your club.
Also, the food is a donation as well and you can get a chopped bbq sandwich, hot dog, hot link and bottle water for a $1 or $2 dollar donation, not that’s a deal. Bring money for the 50/50 and we want to be on the News that 1,000+ cars showed up for West, so be part of the event.
If you have other emails for other clubs or owners who could attend, please forward them the flyer and get them to come. Thanks.
The exact location is 205 Tokio Rd. Entry fee is whatever you wish to donate.


I wish I could make it just to help them out.

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