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I'm back in the saddle (almost) - 2014 GT500 Convertible


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Had an 09' white/blue stripes convertible that was traded for an 09' BMW M6 convertible (6-speed) back in Feb. Just purchased a 2014 GT500 convertible - white with blue stripes, 821A, Nav and Recaro seats. Should be here Friday, possibly Saturday and the M6 is going back on the return trip. Can't wait!!

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Please give us your impressions of the differences between the 09 and 14 model. With the S197 ending did you get a below MSRP deal?


The current M6 cars are very well mannered cars but the American muscle just makes you grin when you smash the throttle.

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I have an '08 and a '14. It's quite a difference. We had the '14 on the lift today marveling at how much has changed.


I wish it were easier to list what has changed between the models, but honestly, its easier listing what hasn't.


Navigation and controls for climate

Rear seat

Trunk space

Hood latch

Window and door lock buttons

Glove compartment


What else isn't different? Anyone?

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Thanks for passing along the info.


I guess I going to have to try and see one. Do you think the 2014 MY 5.0 GT would have the same interior features and changes as the GT500? I've only got one parking space left and it is being "reserved" for the new model changeover, but in the unlikely event I can not stand the new designs my fallback will be a 2014 GT500. The 07 Shelby has a future with one of the grandkids.


I may not have a chance to see a 2014 Shelby in my little town but Sacramento will get a few. Road trip???

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I'm trying to post some pics. Regarding the 09 vs 14, the overall car as far as the interior having nicer leather, fit and finish is nicer. I only drove it up my street from where the carrier dropped it yesterday morning, so I can't comment on the drive as of yet lol. To me, I like the way the exterior looks vs the 09.


It was delivered open so it need a quick wash. Since the dealer doesn't really put any protection on the clear coat other than washing and drying it with detail spray, I did a coat of Werkstat Prime by hand and then Klasse sealant. These rims are going to be a pita when they need to be cleaned vs the 09 rims.


It was nice to be back in the GT500 and it felt (in the short distance I drove it) like a beast is lurking under the hood... Not that the 09 wasn't, but this was different.


As far as the price, I paid sticker. I got a good deal on the trade, so it worked out. I only found 3 white/blue conv loaded and 2 at sticker, 1- 10k over sticker. I'm not sure how much lower they would go down in price as the 15 nears, but I don't think it will be much as this is the last of this era, etc.



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