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factory black paint - I think I like my custom paint better....

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Black is a bear to keep, but nothing looks as good when it is done right. Your car looks spectacular.

Well done, sir.


All the best,


I agree. I love the black car and wanted a black fgt but my wife didn't think it was such a good idea given the OCD I got over the black sgts

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The entire car was repainted PPG, 4 coats of clear, 3 step color sanding, 3 step buff, hand glaze.


What products where used for sanding and buff/glaze

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fender/door seam - whatever that is, you can't see it with naked eye. I'm guessing since the doors/fenders did not come off for the repaint that this is was a tape line for sanding/buffing to protect the edges which he did on all the edges for machine buffing as that is where you get into trouble and can burn through the clear.


It was repainted because I wanted a better than factory finish and the PO had already caused damage to the paint removing/attempting to remove the vinyl. No more vinyl on the car - all paint now


Painter used 3M products after paint to cut/buff. I used my PC and Meguiars Ultimate Compound to get the final swirls out before sealing.

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