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Mickey Thompson Street Comps


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Putting an O/D pulley on my blower this weekend, & like everyone here I'm looking for at least a little more traction. I'm running 2010 19X9.5 wheels, & not looking to buy wider ones anytime soon. I don't race, but I hate hitting the rev limiter whenever I nail it in 1st. Looking at the 285/35-19 M/T Street Comps on American Muscle for around $250 ea, & I'm wondering if anyone here has any experience with them. The guys at AM say they're a lot more grippy than the stock Eagle F1's, but I thought I'd ask here 1st.



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In case anyone's curious, I called Mickey Thompson & spoke with a rep. He said that the Street Comps might be marginally better than the stock F1's, but not much. He told me what I really expected, & that was to get more traction I'll need the 305 drag radials.

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