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Installed Shelby subwoofer in my Adrenalin


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After changing the door speakers out a while ago it highlighted how "average" the factory subwoofer is in my 2008 Sport Trac Adrenalin. I'd already changed out the factory subs in my CS6 so knew exactly where I could get a shallow mount 8" sub that sounded great - oddly no-one could confirm that they'd fit anything other than a Mustang application. Figuring that at worst I'd have a spare set I went ahead & ordered a pair of the 05-09 fitment subs.


The new subs arrived some time ago & yesterday I finally found time to install the one needed in a Sport Trac.


Installation was relatively easy (sorry, I forgot to take pics as I went along);

1. Drop both halves of the rear seat & remove the subwoofer cover.

2. Carefully remove the entire plastic trim piece that covers the rear bulkhead (there are a number of hidden clips that just need a firm yet gentle tug to release them & two screws at the bottom of the sub enclosure).

3. Undo the three bolts holding the sub box to the bulkhead.

4. Undo the bolt at the rear of the sub box (this holds the sub in place from the back).

5. Undo the eight 7mm bolts that hold the sub in from the front. The sub is now loose but held lightly in place by two locating pins at 12 & 7 o'clock positions. Just pry it gently out of the box.

6. Cut both pairs of wires going to the factory sub. Be sure to cut as close to the connections as you can so that you leave enough wire to freely install the replacement.

7. Take the pair of wires that are white with a blue stripe & solid white - insulate & fold back - these will not be reused.

8. Attach the foam insulator to the supplied spacer ring (be careful to line this up properly as one side is broader than the other).

9. Using the eight 7mm bolts that were holding the factory sub to the box, attach the spacer ring to the sub box. Be sure to remember that the wiring has a groove under the spacer ring.

10. Strip 1/4 inch of insulation from the two remaining wires. The white with black stripe goes into the black terminal of the new sub, the white with grey stripe goes to the red terminal.

11. Using the supplied screws attach the sub to the spacer ring.

12. Using a 1.5" bolt (the one supplied is meant for a mustang installation so is too short) secure the sub to the rear of the box.

13. Reassemble as the reverse of steps 1-3.


The end result;





Taking things very slowly & working in 82 degree heat in my garage it took around an hour to complete the installation.


As a side result I now have a spare kicker sub in case I blow any of the three installed on my two vehicles & a pair of grilles spare for the CS6 (the grille covers would rub against the factory enclosure grille on the STA).


Thought I'd post in case anyone was thinking of upgrading the factory sub in their other Ford vehicle.

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