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Best Ford SVT dealer in LA for 2007 to 2010 Clutch upgrade?

Guest markham51

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Guest markham51

Have been experiencing poor clutch performance on my trip to LA. It makes sense for me to get the clutch changed out at some point, might as well be LA where I will be for a couple of extra days.


I have a 2007 GT500 and want to upgrade to the 2010 FORD version as I did in my other GT500. I am looking for a referral so this can happen smoothly without any complications. I have 12,000 miles on the car and to this point things have worked fine, but just in the last day or so I have been experiencing lots of chattering and I know its only time. Its always cheaper to get work done in US vs Toronto anyway.


I plan to call the dealer, book an appointment and have them order the parts as per Grabbers 2010 parts list.


1,000 miles into 6,000 mile trip incl Route 66....


would be nice if dealer was located in Santa Monica or not too far away...will likely rent a car for the day while new clutch is being installed...







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Morning Mark,


Galpin Ford in the Valley has done almost all the TBS clutch work in LA. Their GAS (Galpin Auto Sports) center works on Shelbys as well.

They're located about 15 miles north of Santa Monica.


Galpin Servise 800-256-7137

GAS 877-464-2746

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Guest markham51

Thx much...Im booked for a Galpin install on Monday the 29th. The clutch seems to be holding up not too badly...but if Im eventually going to get it done anyway...timing should be NOW!


I talked to Sam Johnson at Galpin...really nice guy..hopefully no hickups! Had my alternator go a few days ago and was a pain to find one in Montana :)

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