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So what is the next really cool thing we can expect to see from SPP?


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It's been a while since we have seen any new product releases (ok there have been some and your doing a great job Jer). What can we expect to see later this summer or in the fall? Will we see much inventory restock before the move, or are things going to dwindle for a few months until the move is complete and your setup (costs money to move things)? Any inventory reduction sales in the works?

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We are absolutely focused on new products, but, yes, the move is the most pressing thing for us. The money is no issue, but the manpower and -quite frankly- my brain are booked solid through December.

We WILL be having Clearance Sales, as well as other promotions... for example, we have lots of "orphan wheels", just singles, duos, blems, samples, etc. that I will be selling, since it makes no sense to take them with us. Ditto for customer-returned items (non-defective, of course), and even some prototype and other rare items.

Once we are in our new HQ, the new parts should start flowing, as we are positioning SPP for quality R&D, investing in new tools, technology, and space to develop lots of new things.




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