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Engine Identification


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I was always wondering about my 302 blocks' origin, since I got my '65 back in 2006. When I tore down the motor in 2010, I wrote the engine code to have it checked out later. Since then I have just recently looked it up and found something interesting. Even though it has 2 bolt main caps, and no it is not a boss engine, I found out what the first 4 numbers mean. The code reads; C8AM-6015-6 1509.

C=60's era


A=Big body Ford

M=Performance Vehicle; Holman Moody

I found that the "M" designation stands for; Engineering component, which refers to the Engineering group that designed the part.

Makes me wonder what this motor was actually used for? In case some do not know, Holman Moody where 2 guys that started a engine company durring the 60's that made performance engines for all kinds of motor sports such as cars and boats. I read in last months issue of either Mustang and Fast Fords, or Mustang Monthly, that these guys are still around and recently have a special Holman Moody Mustang package that they offer for the new '13 Stangs.

So the whole story of me writing this is that even though I do not have a numbers matching engine/car, I do have some kind of unique motor in it that is worth keeping! Just wanted to share.


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I remember Holman-Moody from the 60's and NASCAR. They also wanted to race at Le Mans and tried to get the Ford contract from Shelby. I believe they also raced at Indy with Ford. Their symbol, if I remember correctly, was Holman - Moody, C-P (Competition Proven). They did a great job on Ford 427's and Boss 429's.

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