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Boost gauge problems, Help?

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A few months ago my boost gauge seems to read much higher than normal boost. On my X-Charger i should be making 11psi of boost. That is the maximum i can get with a non slipping belt. I know for a fact that it is making this due to my dyno. On the other hand my Autometer Shelby carbon series boost gauge is showing me about 17 psi at peak horsepower. This is extremely annoying when trying to dial out belt slippage when my boost gauge wont give me an accurate reading. My gauge doesn't go into vacuum, only boost. When the car is off i also zeros in at 6 psi. Can it possibly be broken or a crimped vacuum line to the boost gauge? If this was the case wouldn't it show less boost? I might be tempted to replace it with another carbon series gauge that shows vacuum as well. Oh, and is it mechanical or electronic? On Jegs there are two different ones; mechanical or electric and they look the same. I dont know what the stock one that the gauge pod comes with is. Thank you guys!

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The stock one is mechanical, just a hose that pushes a needle.

To troubleshoot it, just remove the hose from the back of the gauge to see if it goes back to zero. My theory is that the gauge has a mechanical glitch (the needle has spun on its center, or something).


If it says 17 when it should be saying 11, and says 6 when it should be zero, my brilliant math skills tell me that will fix it. LOL...




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