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considering selling the SGT

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I am the original owner of a 2007 white SGT and am considering selling. The car is truly a garage queen with only 7,800+ miles in the last 6 years and only about 200 miles over the last 2 years. One reason is I need the money. But I never drive the vehicle and one reason is because I have always been scared to death that someone would hit it. I could never use it as a daily driver as it means too much to me. So my family has told me I might as well sell it since I never drive it and am always afraid someone will hit it. It would be different if I were rich like Jay Leno and could afford to just have it hang out in the garage forever but I can't.

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I do not know how to post pictures. But it is white with the silver stripes and the stripes are in very good condition as they were rarely exposed to the sun and weather. It has always been garaged. Black interior, 5 speed, satelite radio and the upgraded alarm system. I have added the Shelby lower grill. The oil is changed, on an average, about every 1,500 miles. The car is in exceptional shape. NEVER abused or beaten or raced. it has been my baby and I treated her as such. It also has a Shelby windshield banner across the top. I am thinking, if I make the huge decision, to sell for 25 K firm. It is a perfect "cruising" machine. I am the original owner and always wanted the white because it was the closest to the original GT 350's from the 60's. And that is why I bought it because I was there in the 60's and loved the old GT 350's. That is why it is so difficult to sell.

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