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Issue after installing Barton Shifter

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Hey all,

I own a 2007 GT500. I installed a Baron shifter about a week ago and have an issue after doing so.


I can shift perfectly through gears 1-6 NO problem at all.


When I attempt to get into reverse, I feel like the reverse lockout solenoid is not allowing me too. If i turn the car off, I can get into reverse.


I checked the install over and over with my buddy and everything looks good, reverse lockout solenoid is connected to the harness, etc...


Any one heard of something like this happening before? I am grasping for straws at this point. I even took the solenoid apart to ensure everything looked right.


Any help/input would be really appreciated.


Lastly - anyone know how the solenoid works exactly? What engages it to not allow me into reverse?




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