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best headers for my 13 any suggestions??

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Now maybe I am wrong here, and you may not care also, but as far as I understand it if you have to remove the tranny for a clutch or any other work, you have to remove the headers. Dynatech headers you do not have too. How they compare to others? I have no clue, just a bit more info to add

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ive been looking for some headers for my 13 mostly kooks i havent found much. i was wondering what you guys suggest? and what width to get



Whatever brand you decide on, find another car like yous with the same brand of headers on it and look under it to see what kind of clearance you'll end up with.


I opted to stay away from Longtubes because you end up with VERY little clearance under the car. The car I looked at had about 1 inch of clearance between the header collector and the road.


I opted for FRPP shorties for that sole reason.




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