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gap in front of Moroso over flow tank

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when I went to install the tank on the Wifes SGT with the banga stang radiator cover . I noticed a good size gap in front of the tank


the fix !! I had a small some aluminum angle that cut down and gave it a quick polishing with the pad chucked up in my drill press


I have another set of tanks and ill modify the mounting bracket to move the tank down a bit and the bracket will also cover the gap here is a picture of it


thanks JIM




thumb nail


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NICE, I had the same problem with the tank and the gap that shows the top of the radiator so I fab a aluminium sheet metal panel then polished it but then changed my mind and have it dipped to match my front covers




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post-20396-0-98052900-1372907451_thumb.jpgpost-20396-0-43154900-1372907530_thumb.jpgpost-20396-0-06341500-1372907615_thumb.jpgthat looks really good @@I been doing dipping/ hydrocarbon for about 2 years now and going to start a small shop for smaller custom paint and start advertising


the radiator cover is comeing off the wifes SGT along with the tank and dip them along with the some other stuff ! I guarantee I can beat anyones price on it


here are some pics the mirror covers I manufacture and are carbon fiber ! the mirror cover. the Roush had 13 parts I dipped



AKA RedTail Customs




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Nice work, I have a guy from North Carolina do my work, prices are real good but shipping can be high, his turn around is one to two week. No local shops have quick turn around in my area, I can't wait 8 to 10 weeks for parts. That a good business to get into, do you powder coat too.

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