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1st to 2nd shift problem and Ford Mtr company

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I did not want to post to the original long topic of the grinding shift problem so I thought I would post a new thread. And tell you folks my Experience with Ford Mtr co. I have a 2012 Gt- 500, Some of you may know of the problem with some of our cars of stomping on it and trying to get it into 2nd gear without grinding the shit out of the tranny. I went to two dealships in the Lewisville and Grapevine Tx. area. Neither of which would take the trans apart and replace the syncro's which is probably the problem. My car also cannot find reverse some of the time, and when it does it pops out of gear some times when letting the clutch out. I had contacted Ford customer service and talked to a person once who was suppose to talk to the lewisville dealership and I left two messages for this customer service person and never heard back. I later contacted a customer sevice rep through these forums and we talked a couple of times, and the end result was them saying they would be sending a 100k mile 5 year warranty in the mail. I still have not seen it in the mail yet. Well I guess they don't want to spend any money on these crappy tannys anymore. Kudos to those who may have got their's fixed. So now I probably don't see myself buying another Shelby like I was wanting to. Really whats the point if I have another issue and Ford won't take care of it. Anyone have any idea's. Or, How and should I just trash out the tranny and make them replace it?! :{

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Take is to Texas Ford over in Fort Worth off West loop 820 close to HWY 30. I have a 2011 GT500 and they fixed it under waranty. The mechanic came up and talked to me - he did not even need to drive the car - they have fixed several of them I just made an appointment took the car over and left it for a few days - they called and I went back and picked it up. It is a hall over there - I live in Frisco. I asked around alot - wanted someone who was compent.




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