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Upgrading my 13?

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So I had to come back to Afghanistan for my 5th deployment. I am looking to upgrade my 13 when I get back. Any suggestions? I have a 15% ATI and monoblade cobra jet TB alont with high flow cats and axel back exhaust tips. I am thinking about the KB 3.6? I have a few months before I get back and the crapy thing is both my Shelby and Roush are in Storage. So by the time I get back it will be crap weather in Upstate NY. Anyways any suggestions?

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Hard to make suggestions not knowing your goal.

KB makes a nice blower, although I'm partial to Whipple.

The stock suspension is a weak link, lots of room for improvement.

Intake mods need someplace to exhaust, how about longtubes ?

Am sure JDM will have some ideas..

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The suspension on the 2011 might be your weak link, but if his suspension is the upgraded suspension with adjustable dampers, I wouldn't get rid of it.


I put eibach suspension on my old gt500, and later regretted it. I have to just ask the question here- do you really want to give up a good ride on the street for a couple laps around the track two or three times a year? Even if you track more, is a two or three second gain on lap times worth feeling like you driving a dodge pickup on the street?


It wasnt for me.


But, you really should be telling us your goals if you want decent advice like idle suggested.

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Are you looking to track it, drag race it, cruise it, or some combination?


The easy more power route is to upgrade your pulley, CAI, and tune, and that alone will hop your HP up a solid 50-75 HP depending on which one you choose. If you are looking at any numbers above that, expect to change fuel delivery and consider E85 at that point as well.

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