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CS logo billet engine caps ?

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At the Ford car show at Knotts Berry farm this year I went to the Shelby booth and one of the Supersnakes had a brushed billet engine cap set with the CS logo and nothing else. Nobody at the booth knew where or if they were for sale but that they "might be soon". They looked great but cant find any info on the Shelby parts site, anyone know if they are available and where? I have other CS branded stuff and would like to stay with the same. Thanks

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Doesn't sound familiar.

We had our red SS there, was that the car?

If not, it might have been a customer car in our area.



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It was yours, but now i cant remember for sure but it was the SS or the 1000. They were the same style as your existing GT500 billet caps but they just had the CS logo. Wish I would have taken a pic, but they were really nice.

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