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19 Firefighters lost their life

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Please pray for the families and loved ones of the 19 firefighters who died fighting the fire near Yarnell Ariz. The hotshot crew was from the Prescott area. This is anticipated to be a bad fire season and with the loss of these fine firefighters, it is the worst in many years. I think it was in 1994 when 14 were lost in Storm King Fire in Colorado. God bless.

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Agreed . . . just tragic. And these were the best of the best and they had and used every tool for survival . . . when they deploy their survival shelters and are still lost to the fire one can only speculate at the scale of the inferno.



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So sad. I remember the Storm King tragedy very well. Yes 14 died on that one. 19 on this one is the most in a forest fire since 1933. I've worked a couple forest fires and that is the most intense out of any fires. The work and conditions are extreme. I wouldn't have the ability to be a Hot Shot. Those are some of the best of the best. The condition you have to be in is incredible. Such hard work. So much training involved. Had to be a major wind shift and an explosion of fire. I can't imagine. Anytime a firefighter dies it is a tragedy as they are just trying to protect life and property. 2013 is looking to be a really bad year for firefighter deaths after West, Texas and now this.

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I live in the town where this Hot Shot crew is from. The whole town is completely devistated. They were a fine group of young men. They were an elite team who knew what they were doing. We had Monsoon type storms in the area and the fire area got the outflow winds form the storm which changed the direction of the fire and made it explode.


Prayers to their families

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