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I need some help from the mechanics here

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2007 GT500


Recently installed:


- BMR solid LCA's with adj. brackets

- BMR adj. pan-hard bar & brace

- Relo bump stop brackets

- I removed the factory bump stop brackets and shock dust cover


Factory Springs, UCA, wheels & tires


While making a right turn and accelerating I hear a loud clicking, almost thumping sound from under the dash console.




Accelerating while making a right turn it happens

Accelerating in a straight line it happens

Accelerating while turning left it acts normal

It does it with T.C. on or off


The closest thing I know of that makes that kind of sound is my AWD minivan when the traction control or anti-lock brakes engage. Is it possible I did damage to either when cutting off the bump stop brackets? I covered everything with wet towels to prevent damage when using the cutoff wheel and grinder.


I do have an appointment with my speed shop but it is after the holiday, so I want to pick your brains while I wait.





P.S. I took my wife out for a drive so she could hear the noise. She had the most logical thought, she said it sounded like something came loose during the clutch/gearshift changeout. I could feel it in the gearshift handle when it occurred. So when I get it to the shop I'll suggest that something appears to have come loose. If so it shouldn't cost me anything. :D

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