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"Official" Team Shelby Grand Nationals Photo's


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If you attended the Team Shelby Grand Nationals, you should have received an e-mail from the North East Region Director (John Keller) this morning, thanking you for joining us for some "dam fun", and telling you how to access all the photos I took during the event. With just shy of 3000 photos, there are bound to be a few that you might like a copy of.


Rather than haviing you contact me, give me a photos number, and me e-mail them back to you one at a time (some of these files are fairly large), everything has been uploaded to a Photobucket account. The account has been set up so that if you download a photo, you will get it in the same high-resolution quality as the 'original'.


Here is a link to the page that John set up as an introduction to the photos....




In the link he has set up a slide show featuring a few of the pictures as a teaser of what you will find inside the Photobucket accout. The link is also on the page in John's into, but here it is for quick access...




People have already contacted me directly asking for photos' and wanting to know how much they are. I take the photo's because I like doing it, and for the benifit of TemShelby and it's members. That said, the photo's are free for the taking, but I do ask two things.


First, if you use my photos in any publication or for anything beyond your own personal usage, please give me a photo credit and send me a copy.


Secondly, most photographers do charge for their services. The track photographers at Summit Point were asking $30 for a single 8x10 print. We are asking that if you do download a photo ( or two, or ten), that you consider making a donation to the Carroll Shelby foundation on behalf of TeamShelby Northeast and the Grand National event. Any amount would be great, and I certianly don't expect anyone to donate $30 per picture, but $5 or $10 would be a very nice gesture, and would be most appreciated by the Foundation. The link to the Carroll Shelby Foundation is...




Thank you!




....here are just a few pics to 'get you going'






















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^I didn't think TS would appreciate me loading about 3000 high-res pics (in the neighborhood of 15 to 20 Gig) to their server...especially given some of it's "issues" of late. I don't want to be known as "that guy" who crashed Team Shelby.



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