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Possible Mustang Sally & Eleanor Special editions?

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I saw and voted on this about 3 weeks ago. It was on the Ford Canada website. The only thing I found funny was there was no explanation of why there was a vote or what purpose it was serving other than Ford wanted input for new "exciting" (sounds like Pontiac) things to come. :censored: I couldnt believe they would have pictures and a vote without any other info.

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Hey there,


Here's a link to the "voting" page:




I have been confirmed for a GT500 here in Alberta, Canada. I have a great relationship with the SVT guy here and I expect that I will pay msrp. If that plan goes to :censored: , that "Eleanor" would be a nice car. I would like to see some more info on it though...

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Yeah that Eleanor package looks pretty cool.




I'll be sticking with my Shelby GT500. :shift:


The Eleanor package I'm sure would only be a body kit with no engine mods

and no extra hp.




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