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Steeda CMC Plate Question

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Hey everybody! I haven't been around for a while, I got married a month ago, doubled up on classes, and have been very busy at work but I'm family back to where I've got a little time for me.


The next stage in mods that I'm planning is the Steeda charge motion delete plates. I've done a lot of browsing on different forums to see what people have to say, but I'd also like to hear input from anybody here who has put these on?


For now I will just be using a canned tune from Bama/American Muscle. I'll be staying this route until all my mods are done. For now I've got JBA Shorty's and Steeda inlet tube, other than that still basically stock. My planned engine mods include under drive pulleys, FR throttle body, and FR hot rod cams.

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