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Original trunk lid letter spacing.

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Recently had stripes painted on my 07SGT. I ordered the trunk lid letters and template from SPP. The body shop supervisor " thinks" they used the template. Some of our fellow members provided pics that show different spacing than what I currently have. Can someone provide me with exact center to center measurements from an original Shelby installation? Jer, if you read this , could you get the same measurements from the Shelby GT trunk letter template decal? My current center to center spacing is 2 7/8" which puts the letters within the outside dimensions of the stripes. Stripe dimensions are 9" wide with 1 " gap. Is there any possibility that I did not receive the right template? I don't want to raise hell with the body shop unless there is no such thing as a template with 2 7/8" spacing.

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Sorry, just saw this.

Call me tomorrow, I'll get that measured up for you. My car's at SA this month, or I'd run out in the garage right now for you!


EDIT: No need to call, I just saw your thread... They are WAY too narrow. I'll check through the order to see what template you were sent, etc...






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