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Hi guys im new to this club and have read all the posts on wider tires. i learned alot but have a question. I have 2007 ss with 275's pirelli tires. sounds like if i widend my rims to 11.75 or 12 i could run a 235 on rear with doing the few adj that have been discussed? shock cover cooling duct removel and cutting that bracket? The car is never driven in rain or on a track Looking for best strait line set up for the street. Thanks

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I am guessing that your 235 is a typo, and that you meant 325s for the rear.

If you remove your upper bumpstop brackets, relocate the bumpstops on the rear (Zombeast has nice bumpstop relocation plates) and put on an adjustable panhard bar, you should be good to go.

I had 325 50R15s (on 15x10 wheels, and swaybar relocation brackets) on my car all last season for the strip, and they had plenty of clearance.

I also looked at widening a set of stock 18" wheels and then running 315s or 325s on them.

A 315 tire will fit on a 11.5" wheel, but the 325s will need a 12" wheel for a good fit.

Others have posted that they had 2" added to the back of the stock wheel, to give a total of 11.5" that worked well for them.

If you check out Zombeasts S71 Weld Wheels thread under GT500 mods, he managed to get 345s on the rear.

If you go to the extreme for tire size though, you will probably have to cut the dust boots off of the rear shocks, and possibly offset the lower shock bolt/spacers.

So far, I have not had to do that myself.

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Welcome to Team Shelby. If your Snake is not registered in the registry, please follow the link in my signature to do so. Tons of useful information here, hopefully more people will respond as they see your inquiry.

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Missed the Super Snake part, which is a different setup than your average GT500 to start with :)

Your best bet is to post your questions in the GT500 Super Snake section, to get first hand information relevant to your vehicle.

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