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OIl Separator Modification

James Harman

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Okay, Here are some Photos of my Modified Oil Separator. I am not going to get into what model or manufacturer. I will leave that to your imagination. This is purely for whoever is interested in making the modifications to it themselves. I couldn't see going out and buying something new if I could improve it to my satisfaction. While the stock unit does what it supposed to do, the improvements I made are better than no modifications at all. Oil capture is far better now with minimal blow by verses the stock unit. Air flow is good all the way down to less than 5 PSI, I was concerned about back pressure, but that is not an issue. the sensor that is before the unit will give an check engine light if the pressure builds up and exceeds the sensors limits. I put well over 1000 Miles on this setup and have not had a single issue, I clean it about every 500 miles and am happy with the results. Guess I will see how well it has worked if I ever pull off the supercharger.






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