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Lost a letter

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The "Y" on my trunk lid has been loose for years. Sunday I caught the drying towel on it and it came off :banghead: what type of two sided tape do I need to get to reattach it?




Doug, I use two sided tape at work to attach laminated photos and they stay on for years.

I can get the 2 different product numbers tomorrow at work if you need it.

They call it "Carpet Tape". Two kinds, one, thin, 2" wide, 20' roll. ~$5.00

One a little thicker but with a "cheese cloth" pattern, same roll, price. Machine shop prefers the non porous one for their dies, I prefer to use the cheese cloth type for panel labeling. :salute:

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Don't use carpet tape.


Stop by a local body shop or dealer and ask them for a couple of inches of their weather resistant double sticky foam tape. They will know what you want and will likely provide it to you for free. It will be the correct OEM quality.


Pick up a can of Mineral Spirits or VM&P Naptha. Wipe both the emblem and the deck lid very well to get them clean.


Once clean, avoid touching either so as to not get hand oil on the prepped parts.


Pull off one side of the tape and firmly attach your chrome letter to the tape only. Then carefully cut around the foam with an Exacto knife.


Then you can release the second side of the tape and reattach your letter to your deck lid.


The tape is pressure sensitive. Push it in place firmly.


Avoid car washing or disturbing the letter for the next 48 hrs.


Congrats. You did it!

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Exactly why I bought a replacement set of letters when I visited SAI. My only beef was it seemed that they would sell a set to anyone off of the street. Hope that's not the case.




Oh, it's the case! While driving down I81 in Carlise, I saw Shelby lettering and Tiffany snakes ..............On a FUSION!!!!! :doh:

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Ooops... I had a letter loose last summer right after i purchased the car. Used a little Gorilla Glue on a toothpick behind where the letter was not attached. Been fine ever since, but probably will be a headache if I ever need to replace them... :shrug:

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