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Saturday Surprise


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I took my little Shelly to a show on Saturday that ended in a total surprise! Although she has brought home many 1st place in class awards never in my wildest dream would I have ever expected her to come home with the top award......After watching all the awards get handed out and thinking we were going home empty handed, I got a real surprise when Shelly got the Best of show award......On one hand I was very happy but on the other side of the coin I couldn't believe that my car could win this award over a beautiful 40 Ford PU, an awesome 58 Chevy Impala and countless other fantastic cars and trucks......I guess the car gods were on our side that day,LOL.........

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No, I forgot my camera and it was a bad time to forget it! There was a short 15 minute rain shower and there was a big, bright rainbow that came down right over my car.....It was really an awesome sight and other people got pics of it so hopefully I can at least get someone to send it to me

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