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My GTS will be on display today at Pinky's Rod Shop in Loveland, Colorado


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Pinky's Rod Shop is having a Good Guys car show kickoff party today in Loveland, Colorado.




The professional indoor football team I own, the Colorado Ice, was invited to make an appearance, so some players will be there as well as my GTS.


If last year is any indication, it will be decently attended with lots of cars, food and a big crowd.


I'm looking forward to this and will post photos later tonight.


Someone tell me that no one will run their hands across the paint, please!

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The show went well, lots of people loved my GTS.


This was a business appearance for me and my team so I took very few photos because I spent most of my time talking and promoting.


Here are some photos of folks early in the show looking at my Shelby:















There was no shortage of women who posed with my GTS.

It's apparently a chick magnet.


Here are 2 shots of my team's cheerleaders, the Icicles:







And here are some other women posing with the GTS:





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I ran in to O'Leary of O'Leary's Transport.



He said he brought a one off Shelby that someone here locally had purchased at Mecum for 160K.


I am not sure exactly what this is.






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