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Informal Round Trip Cruise to SLO on Saturday 6/15 from Bay Area


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EDIT: Just realized this is the same day as the show ... oops ... I have to go down that day regardless, but wasn't trying to do something that would conflict with an event.


Hi All,


I am working with Maximum Motorsports to have a Roll Bar installed in my car. They needed a 2013 to prototype on and I wanted a rollbar / harness bar so it's working out.


I am dropping my car off this weekend and Fat Boss has been so kind as to agree to follow me down and bring me back the same day on a quick drop off. (I have to be back quickly due to an obligation in SF that night) (Thanks Andy!)


But I was thinking it might be fun if a few of us went down on pick-up day the 15th and made a cruise out of it. (Plus I could use a ride down!)


So if anyone is interested, let me know. I could really use the ride, plus it would make a great warmup get-together before heading to Fontana for those going to SAAC 38.


Map: http://goo.gl/maps/rYGbr


I was thinking we meet in the Gilroy area on 6/15 in the morning 8:30-9:00 or so and cruise down (plus I get a ride!) to Maximum Motorsports, pick up my car, then grab lunch in SLO.


Lunch: http://firestonegrill.com/ or possibly Firestone Walker Tap Room (but would require reservations)


Or other suggestions


Then take a cruise up Highway 1 home to the bay area up the coast.


Any takers or suggestions for routes.


Let's do this!

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Looks like I'm going on another trip to SLO ! Hopefully you see this amidst all the responses. :drop:


I hear there's an awesome burger place in Big Sur right by the ocean, maybe we can hit that for lunch this time. Firestone was a good lunch last Sat though.

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I have a couple of volunteers for going back down between my dad and another friend so don't feel obligated if you would rather go to the show or have other things to accomplish :)


Poor timing with the bay area mustang show the same day.


Maximum Motorsports put up a couple pics on their page today:





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