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Hello everyone, i just got back from the Hot Rod Power Tour, and on the way home my car started feeling like it was surging ever so slightly at a constant throttle setting. The car doesn't seem to do it when idling, or when getting into the throttle,only at a steady setting it seems, such as when cruise control is on. Before leaving for the trip i had been to a local car show and the car started missing on the way home. I plugged in my Diablosport tuner and it showed a misfire on bank #8. I pulled coil covers and found the one on the passenger side against the firewall seemed to be loose. I replaced the coils { weapon X } and put the originals back on. Problem gone. But on my way back from the power tour it started feeling like a very slight surge at steady throttle. I have plugged in my tuner and shows no codes, any ideas? Bad gas, fuel filter, etc..

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