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Boss side exhaust kit


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Interesting! I'd considered the Terlingua exhaust, but they discontinued the V8 version before I had a chance to purchase. I may have to look into this one!





I think we have one more left for V8.

Send an email to TimH@ShelbyAmerican.com ASAP.

Also, we do have the necessary rocker panel heat shields in stock - you need them!




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el shelby if your really want the side exit exhaust the different between the 4.6 and 5.4 versions isnt very big and could very easily be modified for the 4.6. this is just an observation from crawling under a few cars and looking at them....i love car shows with lots of shelbys :camera:

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That was my assumption. There is only so much available realistate under the S197 chassis. Sure their differences between the 5.4 and 4.6 but mounting points routing I suspect I pretty close.


I love the look of the Terlingua side exhaust but could not live with the reduced ground clearance. I've considered having a custom setup, a cross between to the BOSS setup and a NASCAR exhaust with a flat pipe to help improve the ground clearance.


Jer, make the Terligua heatshields available and I'll take a set!

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