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Shelby Performance Drive June 29-30 Houston/SanAntonio/Austin


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If you just sent me info on any event you want to have, I have access to club lists and members all over Texas and the surrounding states. Im just a PM away if you want the help from Team Shelby!




That's awesome info to have!!!


Just a wee bit late for those wanted a room....BUT if you can get it posted for those who would like to attend without staying Sat night or can get a room elsewhere (I believe Hoilday Inn Express is now sold out that weekend) that would be great!!


So far we have 11 vehicles attending that I know of....10 Shelby..1 Ford GT(maybe 2)


If we can get some local Shelby owners to meet up that would be awesome. We have it posted on some FB pages and other Stang sites. Response still lower than we would like, but we are happy with 11.


Thanks for any exposure you can give to this....I'll remember to PM you for next one!!

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I know there are issues pulling up the turn by turn directions in the links. That is just a product of google maps. I had the same issue whenwe did the Shiner Cruise.

So anybody who needs to get these before the 29th send me a PM with your email address and I will send you the PDF with the directions. Sorry, google maps just isn't as user friendly as we need it to be.

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What time will the group be leaving the Oasis for Marble Falls? If it's not raining I might make the run from San Antonio to Austin and make the run to Marble Falls with the group.



Well I think arrival time to Oasis is around 11:00....so I figure we should be leaving there 1:30-2:00. You should meet us along the route to the Oasis. I can email you the map and directions, you might be able to pick a good spot to catch us enroute to the Oasis. PM me your email and I'll get it over to you.




Ok everyone...just talked to The Oasis to set up a reservation.


It goes like this:

ALL parties 7 and over have a required 18% gratuity and get ONLY ONE CHECK!!



So PLEASE bring cash for lunch....if not everyone reads this and does not have cash, we can split up into smaller groups. She said that we CAN NOT sit together.


Oh, does everyone vote for patio or inside? It's end of June and hot!!!


I vote INSIDE!!!

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Crap. I was gonna surprise yall this morning. Got to Costco 15 minutes after San Antonio group left out, then on my way to cut them off at the Farm Road 150 turn, I got a call we had a bad accident on a jobsite- headed there now. Wasnt meant for me I guess. Next time.

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Get me info when you start planning it and ill throw my full attention into it. We can never have too many good cruises in Texas! As a road contractor, I have been on just about every road we got! (Seriously). Accident was a pilot car driver had a diabetic seizure, ran smack into a piece of equipment that threw the operator and broke his eye socket. Both treated and released. But they are like family to me. Had to be there for them.

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Dubbs....great to know they were released!!! Will definitley get with you for the next one, Oct/Nov. Want to try and do something on a regular basis. Like once a quarter. Once a year just isn't enough!!!



Link to slideshow of pics:



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