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More Eibach Coilover Questions...


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1. shouldn't there be another set ring on the rear shock height adjusters? Seems like that adjustment cylinder could move all over the place without it.



2. The Eibach directions say to use the LONG (on the right) spacer under the strut shaft nut. But when you do this, you can only get the retaining nut about 2/3 attached. Like so... Notice only about 3/4 of the hex shaft head is showing...



So I opted to utilize the short spacers instead. The allow the retaining nut to be fully threaded. Like SO....



Any ideas why Eibach would mandate using the long washers, even though the short ones seem to work better?


So far today, I installed;


1. the new 2008 SGT grill replacement

2. Eibach Multi-Pro R1 Coilovers

3. Maximum Motorsports Caster/Camber plate conversion kit (from 3.5 to 2.5" diameter spring perch).

4. BMR Lower Control Arms

5. FRPP adjustable panhard bar


It's been a long day... and night.


Need sleep... have to adjust the ride height tomorrow. Front end looks like a 4x4 right now!

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Since I'm already talking to myself... Called Eibach today and they are perfectly fine with adjusting the spacers as needed on the top strut. Since the long one was too long and the short one is too short... time to fab a "medium" sized spacer...

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