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  • 2 weeks later...

I know there are issues pulling up the turn by turn directions in the links. That is just a product of google maps. I had the same issue whenwe did the Shiner Cruise.

So anybody who needs to get these before the 29th send me a PM with your email address and I will send you the PDF with the directions. Sorry, google maps just isn't as user friendly as we need it to be.

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I may have to sleep in the car, but I'm in. The Oasis is where I saw my soon to be wife, we were both with mutual friends. We were married about a week later. That was nearly 29 years ago, wish she was in town to make the trip with me.

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PM me with future events SVTSnake, and I can get information sent out to all the Texas clubs. If you are interested.


BTW- I may be able to meet up with yall for a little bit of the driving that weekend. I'll work on that.

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MrBhp......nice, take pics for her!!


Dubbs...thanks Dubbs, that would be a really big help. I hope you make it, this should be fun.



OH.....and some business here:


Ok everyone...just talked to The Oasis to set up a reservation.

It goes like this:
ALL parties 7 and over have a required 18% gratuity and get ONLY ONE CHECK!!

So PLEASE bring cash for lunch....if not everyone reads this and does not have cash, we can split up into smaller groups. She said that we CAN NOT sit together.

Oh, does everyone vote for patio or inside? It's end of June and hot!!!

I vote INSIDE!!!

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Looks like inside is winning....sorry Sherri(not really)king.gif

Itinerary for Sat:

8:00-Leave Shell station in Sealy

11:00-Lunch at The Oasis

3:00-Arrive at Holiday Inn Express in Marble Falls...RESERVED PARKINGbigthumb.gif

4:00-Flat Creek Estate Winery...... http://www.flatcreekestate.com/

7:00-Dinner at Double Horn Brewery....RESREVED PARKINGking.gif...... http://www.doublehornbrewing.com/

9:00-drinks/swim at hotel pool

We may have to switch checking in at the hotel and visiting the winery. The winery closes at 5:00. She is going to work with us a bit since we have a large group. BUT we have to be there 3:45....4:00 the latest.

We will have a tasting and private tour. Tasting includes 10(I think) wines and a wine glass I believe. Cost is $17.50
They have a summer music night that Saturday from 4-8. It's $10 includes a glass and some Sangria. Bring your own lawn chairs. Since we had planned on eating at the brewery, I thought the wine tasting was the way to go.

I'll hopefully have Sunday's itinerary ready tomorrow. Need to contact the wineries first.

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Wow, had an awesome time! Beautiful run through the hill country. (Although at times it was a bit of a blur) :peelout: Thanks for all the work you guys put in to it, and the hospitality. It was great meeting some really cool people with some very nice cars. Wanted to chat with dh777 (Dewayne) more, but my attention span was running a bit short, too much eye candy!



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