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New to Florida


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Welcome to Florida! I live in St. Augustine myself. You should have plenty of choices for shops in the Tampa area.


If you haven't done so already, make sure you check out Mustangs at the Mickyard over the Labor Day weekend. Hope to see you there!



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Apopka Here, (north Orlando)


I have heard there are good shops there in Tampa but dont know who they are. If you want to venture to Orlando, we have a few the Orlando group use.


I (and many others) use LaMotta Performance in Longwood. Jake is a great guy and has been working on Mustangs and Shelby's for a long time.


Like David said above, look at the Mickyard, It should be a good show and a LOT of fun.

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I live in Lakeland, and Central Florida has numerous, active Mustang clubs. Not too many car shows in Florida this time of the year due to the hot weather. Not real conducive to wanting to be outside all day. The Mustangs at the Mickyard is the Grand National event this year and should be a great show. I will vouch for LaMotta Performance in Longwood. He does great work, and specializes in Mustangs and Shelbys.

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ALSO: any shops you guys recommend??

I would also recommend American Motor Sports on 441 in Orlando. Ron, the owner, is a Ford racer from way back. Honest, affordable and reliable.


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