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Question ,,, Resetting the rev limiter

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My rev limiter is set at 5800rpm.

I have tried to advance it to say 6000rpm.

No go !

Is there a trick to getting to go past 5800?

Or is that the limit ?

No matter how many times I press to advance it stays at 5800rpm.

I may need a new Flux Capacitor !


Thank You in advance



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The button to the left of the steering wheel only sets the shift light, or shift indicator. That would be the red "SVT" in the center of your tach.......

It will go as high as 6500, then resets back to 1500. But this does not effect your rev limiter. It just adjusts the shift light. The rev limiter is factory set, and would

only change with an after market tune and tuner....

Once you go thru the steps of getting the gauge to the shift indicator spot, then you have to hold down either the left or right button, to increase or decrease the setting of the shift light. It seems like you have to hold it forever, but probably more like 5 seconds or so.........


Hope that helps,


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