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Msrp change since 2007


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and like the 20,000 people who claim to have seen Wilt score 100 points in a single game when the arena had 400 people in it......(IT WASNT TELEVISED EITHER)


I am really not interested in all the folks who will post that they got one for sticker in the first 6 months to a year they were available...


cause I call "bs" BEFORE YOU EVEN POST....... :hysterical2:

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and exactly how many people got one for 41k the first year?......answer......not many.


ADMs were 10 to 15k and many were 20-25k over MSRP.....and folks lined up to pay it left and right..........


Which is another reason why I have a Shelby GT instead...$38.5k baby!...and finished by SAI in Las Vegas....



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